Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Travel Pouch or Cosmetic Case

I have been busy like hell the past few days. Primarily because I have been assigned the responsibility of teaching my 2 cousins - Nebeen & Nazreen... They both are planning to relocate to my hometown and hence need to get admitted to a new school here. School admissions are so hard to get these days ...with all the tough interview and exams kids have to take to get admitted. Well so this is the first time I have been given such a responsibility. Its now I realised how hard its to bring up teenagers...particularly boys ! I am virtually running around the house with a book in my hand to get  Nebeen to sit and study for a few mins !!! phew really tiring... But I guess I have started to like it too.... :-)
Then there's Rihan my baby too... The other day he started bringing his hands together... :-)  He even tried to clap !
So in between all this commotion I desperately want to sew something. Every time I see my machine my heart sinks.. Finally today I found some time off in the evening and I decided to jump for it.. MY FAVOURITE pastime these days - Sewing !
I decided its been a while since I have made purses. THIS TIME I though of making a travel pouch which can also be used as a cosmetic bag. Also this is the first time I am using Interfacing for my project. Here's my brand new travel pouch.

Actually I made 2 pouches. The first one didn't turn out the way I wanted. I made a wrong cut and ended up with something like this.

Nevertheless I decided to try again and that's how I got my travel case spot on the second time. Anyways I now have 2 pouches. 

I was just admiring my new creation before Nebeen grabbed the bag and ran and  Nazreen started to protest how she too needed one. So now my pouches are no longer filled with travel items. Instead its filled with pencils and color pencils ! :-)

Nabeen with his new prize

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