Saturday, April 7, 2012

Mustard Pillow with Ruffle Cover

The thought of making something new and blogging about it here simply excites me. I guess now blogging is the motivating factor for my sewing too... In a way I now have 3 hobbies simultaneously - Sewing , Writing & Blogging ! Woww !!!
So today I bring to you the latest creation - Mustard Pillow with rufflled case.

You must have noticed I mentioned Mustard Pillow.. Yes its a pillow with mustard filling. And why I used mustard was because my caretaker mentioned to me how a mustard pillow will help in shaping up my baby's head and also gets him to sleep straight. He's just 3 months old ! So I decided to give it a try and also fancy it up with some ruffles :-)

My Baby's new pillow

Things needed :
Mustard - 1kg
Inner pillow cover - light fabric - 6" * 4" - 2 pieces
Outer pillow cover fabric front piece - 6.5" * 4.5"
Ruffle piece- twice the circumference - 44"  of different color
First stitch a sac to fill the mustard. This becomes the inner pillow. Fill the sac with mustard. And stich and seal.
Check if this pillow suffcient by making sure your baby can rest his head comfortably. And he shud like it too...
I had him get used to the plain mustard pillow for a day or two before I decided to stich a cover for it. Well my baby liked it.
Next is the Ruffled pillow cover. First you need to make the ruffles on the lengthy cloth by doing a gathering stich. Set your machine to max tension and increase your stich length to the max. Start stiching but dnt do a back stich at the end.

Now arrange the pieces in this fashion.
1) Front piece right side up
2) Ruffle right side down edge aligned to the corner
3) Bottom piece wrong side up

Now stitch the corners and you are ready !!
Slip in your mustard pillow. and done !!!


  1. wow kidu... vava antham vittu irikkunnu!!!!

  2. nee nthuadii kunjine enthellum katti pedippichu foto eduthethannooo...anyway i need one "Mustard pillow with Beautiful Raffles" for my baby too---Vichu


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