Saturday, April 14, 2012

Diaper Bag - My First Major Project

       Hi guys... I am back with yet another project... This time a more complicated one - A Diaper Bag. This was the first time I spend more than 4 hours to sew something. In fact this time was spread across 2 days. The first day I was making calculations... How big I would need my bag to be... The length of cloth required... searching all my stash to find a suitable fabric that wouldn't fray and is sturdy. I was running short of the sponge (ideally I should have used batting) that I was going to sandwich between the fabrics. So I needed to account for that too to come up with a suitable size bag which would be big enough to carry my baby items when I go out for a small trip. And this was the final product !

       I know its not a great looking fabric. I made this out of a old bedspread. Since this is the first time I am making a bag... I decided to go for a less fancier material. Experiment till you get it right and then tear apart brand new fabrics... That's my Motto ! :)

My Notes , Calculations..
OK Now about the bag. I fitted Velcro in the main flap. Like this. also the front part, I kind of did a quilt like design. Its not visible here.... I should have chosen a more contrasting thread 

It also has a back flap...

The inside of the bag has small compartment attached to the wall to store bottles, diapers .  I threaded an elastic on the top of the compartment to keep things in place

Ill probably post the steps next time I make a better one. As I said to was just an experiment. Do let me know your thoughts.

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  1. Very useful for young mothers. Congrats for recycling the available materials in the most creative way. Expand your horizon to more attractive way rather sticking to conventional. The color selection should be more prominent to catch up.


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