Monday, November 10, 2014

A Trip to Singapore

Hello There !
Have missed writing on my beloved blog for sometime now.

Finally I am settled in Trivandrum. Joined a new company a couple of months back. Found a nanny to take care of my kid. New workplace is good mainly because of the proximity to my home. I can now come home for lunch everyday, pick my kiddo on the way home.
We also took a week long vacation to Singapore :)

So today I'll be elaborating on the trip we had.

We have been longing to go on a international trip ever since we married. But it wasnt happening because of some complications during my passport renewal. Finally I got mine and Richu's passport like 6 months back. Then we started thinking and exploring about places we could go. October seemed like a good time to make the trip since we had some holidays coming up. So we started planning something around that timeframe.

We began with thinking about Europe, Australia, Egypt and then finally settled for Singapore. Primarily because we wanted to try out and see how travelling with our naughty 2yr old is going to work out. Also the ticket fares were humongous.

One day while surfing through sites, we came across a really good offer with Tiger Airways and my husband jumped to the opportunity immediately. This is something I love about him.He has a quick turnaround time with respect to making decisions. I on the contrary would have waited for another few days before I make up my mind.

Trip Advisor was one tool we relied heavily on planning our itinerary. It's an amazing site that's a perfect companion to travelers. They even have a cool app that lets you download the entire info of a country, starting from the map to the best places to visit. If you are planning to travel. This should be one of the first thing you should do.

And so we flew to Singapore on the 26th of September. Richu was well behaved all though the trip ! Thankgod for that ! :) Yeah and food department he always needs some nudging. But we managed.

We stayed at the Albert Court Hotel in Little India, we choose that place specifically because my son is fond of Indian Food. Infact he doesn't eat any other stuffs. It was a nice hotel with some good friendly staff. The room was bigger when compared to Singapore standards.(Read at many places that the room sizes in Singapore are pretty small).

The MRT of Singapore has been the most reliable. Every 3 -5 mins they have one running to the various destinations. We took a MRT card from the airport which we used to all along.

The first day we kinda explored in and around Little India. It wasn't much of a high point for us. Because it was more or less India itself. There is a huge Tamil population in Singapore and it seems Tamil is one of there secondary languages. In fact on some of the MRT lines, announcement is made in Tamil !

We then visited the Clark Quay in the evening. Its a river side party area, with lot of restaurants catering different cuisines. We had some MasterChef style food there;) hehe. Back home I made these dry roties and not so good curry for dinner. And I always make it a point to serve them wen MasterChef is running on TV. It makes us imagine that we are having all those lovely dishes they show. :)

 Next day we went to the Singapore Zoo. That's the place Richu enjoyed a lot. It was such a superbly maintained zoo. We could implement so many of the things that they did there in our Trivandrum zoo. They had these Tiger feeding sessions, that was amazing. The trainer would throw chunks of meat and the tiger would jump to grab those. It was kind of an open zoo. You could see the animals real close. There was also the giraffe feeding session that we missed. Then there was a seal show. The seal was perfectly trained and the show was very entertaining. Overall it was a very nice experience. Thank god for the strollers available for rent, else the zoo experience would have not been this good.

Next day morning we visited Chinatown in the morning. A little china in the midst of Singapore. It was like entering one dreamy land with lots and lots of Chinese stuffs. Brought myself not one but two lanterns which are now happily hanging in my dining and balcony. :)
Then we went to the place I personally enjoyed the most "The BreakOut Games". It was one of a kind game where you need to solve some puzzles and stuff to escape a room. It was very nice experience. I don't want to give away the plot, so I am going to stop here. Be sure you visit them. Its something I wouldn't miss.

Universal Studio was something we were looking forward to. As magical it is in movies, the place was a dreamland. I suddenly wished Richu had been a little more older. He would have loved the place so much more. With their big Disney land kind of palaces, huge Egyptian sculptures, dinosaurs, sesame street characters and elaborately crafted rides, the place was pure fun. But the fabled Roller Coster which was supposed to be best of all was not operational :(. That was kinda sad. The Universal Studio is located in an island called Sentosa. There are several other tourist attractions there. Next day we visited the Adventure Cove water park in the same island. It mainly has water rides. We didnt enjoy much there. I think they could do a better job at their water park coz I kinda of enjoyed waterparks back home like Wondela much more :). Also there is an AMAZING sea aquarium that you wouldn't want to miss.

Next days we visited few other places, Bugis - The shopping destination, Marina Sans Bay - supposedly the most expensive hotel. The SuperTrees are a must must see there. We watched the super tree light show in the night. Lying on the lush green park and watching the perfectly architectured Super Trees light up is a sight in itself. The laser show of Marina Sans bay was also pretty good.

Thats pretty much it.

Do let me know the places you have visited !

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