Thursday, February 6, 2014

New Place New Dreams !

We relocated !
A couple of months back Ikka landed up with a new job at our native i.e Trivandrum.
In normal circumstances I should have been the happiest soul on the planet ! It close to my parents house, it close to his parents house. There's no pollution unlike bangalore. Trivandrum is one of the most beautiful places with lot of beaches (which I soo much love). But Yet I was unhappy ! I was unhappy with his decision to relocate. I protested & fought with no particular reasons to support my stand. I guess I have NewPlaceAnxietyDisorder (Yikee! that would be one of a kind..haha).
Well after all the months of anxiety I am here in Trivandrum. Landed just last week.

Now I am jobless and thats my new problem. What will I do if I dont find a proper job! Then I got 2 jobs.. But the pay is bad. Should I go & join with a lesser salary? I dunno, I have still not made up my mind. Can I become a stay at home wife. I am not so sure that I would make a good house wife.. I dont cook well, I can be painfully lazy at times & my mood swings can be horrible when I dont have anything interesting to do.

But then I have all my varying interests - Painting, Singing, Decorating, Crafting, Sewing. Ideally I should not be idle at anytime. Thats when I realised I have so much of setting down to get done at our new home.
I have to setup an entire home. Make it my home !

And staying home can be great for Richu. I'll get to take care of him better. Be there for him , teach him some nice things, play with him, take him to school. I seldom find enough time for him when I go to office. I am mostly tired and exhausted by the time I get home, so I guess this is redemption time for all the time I couldn't spend with him.

Wonder how our minds works. Even when we have everything we tend to brood on the smaller things we could have. I guess it time to stop worrying & start Living.

Just came up with some initial sketches to decorate my new home !
What do you think?

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