Thursday, March 22, 2012

Personalized Wall Organizer

   Today I finished off another sewing project. This time a special gift for a very special person - my lovely sis. A personalized wall organiser. Personalized will be an exaggerated word. I just sewed her name on the top... that too with a lot of difficulty. Nevertheless she loved it and has decided to hang it on her hostel wall.

You can store all kinds of things in these - Bills, Slips, Craft Items  & even Bathroom Supplies !!

  Would you like to know how I made this??? Well, I had a old white jeans lying around in one of my closets. It no longer fitted me. So i decided to re-purpose it to a wall organizer. I just used one of the leg piece to create this. So I have remaining leg to create another one of these organizers.

 One can always buy these stuffs at shops or online stores.I have been tempted many a times to buy one of these. But the pleasure & satisfaction of creating one yourself cannot be brought elsewhere. As always, I enjoyed myself while making this. Hope this will encourage you also to create one for yourself.
Happy Sewing !!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Painted Zipped Pouches

Yes... I have still not let go of my urge to stitch and I just completed stitching two new pouches.Yes one from an old jeans and another from an old trouser.. Do you want to see how it looks like??? Here you go...
And yeah I clicked all these photos from my papa's new iPhone 4S :) I just loved that device...

It was a plain looking pouch. until I added a dash of paint to it. And here is the final product...

Do you like them??? I just loved making these... Planning on making a few more since they are in high demand by my cousins :)

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Sewing - My New Hobby

 A couple of months ago, I brought a new sewing machine for my mom. I have never be interested in sewing... until i laid my eyes on the brand new USHA allure machine. It was love at first sight I guess. I started stitching just like that. And i have already stitched more than 10 project, in-spite of having a newborn... isn't it cool. I find time to make something new wen my baby falls asleep. He's very demanding when awake ! :)

Isn't he lovely !! :)

And here is my sewing space

 Since I am a beginner, my stitches are not perfect... In fact there are lot of issues. But I am surely improving. Here are some the things I made.

  Hop on to Makeit-loveit to know how to make these cute fabric baskets. She has given such a nice tutorial to making these professional looking baskets..                                                            


Another small bag to store my sewing supplies 

          and that not-so-looking-good dress that the doll is wearing was one of the first things I made

 I am a Geminian and its quite surprising that I have been able to hold my attention on my new hobby for more than a month now. hope I'll keep stitching for a few more months ;) ... see I don't trust myself.

And yeah this is my very first Blog !!! So do tell me how you like it... Would surely love some inspiration.

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