Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Sewing - My New Hobby

 A couple of months ago, I brought a new sewing machine for my mom. I have never be interested in sewing... until i laid my eyes on the brand new USHA allure machine. It was love at first sight I guess. I started stitching just like that. And i have already stitched more than 10 project, in-spite of having a newborn... isn't it cool. I find time to make something new wen my baby falls asleep. He's very demanding when awake ! :)

Isn't he lovely !! :)

And here is my sewing space

 Since I am a beginner, my stitches are not perfect... In fact there are lot of issues. But I am surely improving. Here are some the things I made.

  Hop on to Makeit-loveit to know how to make these cute fabric baskets. She has given such a nice tutorial to making these professional looking baskets..                                                            


Another small bag to store my sewing supplies 

          and that not-so-looking-good dress that the doll is wearing was one of the first things I made

 I am a Geminian and its quite surprising that I have been able to hold my attention on my new hobby for more than a month now. hope I'll keep stitching for a few more months ;) ... see I don't trust myself.

And yeah this is my very first Blog !!! So do tell me how you like it... Would surely love some inspiration.


  1. Nisha - Nice blog.. Keep doing it


  2. Hi

    Nice thoughts. Keep writing and explain how to make these creative articles. Let it inspire others. Small ideas can bring happiness to u and the readers. keep it up.

  3. hey unable to c ur pouches pics ...

  4. Nice blog and nice work...
    Please consider the name change that I suggested :P


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