Thursday, March 22, 2012

Personalized Wall Organizer

   Today I finished off another sewing project. This time a special gift for a very special person - my lovely sis. A personalized wall organiser. Personalized will be an exaggerated word. I just sewed her name on the top... that too with a lot of difficulty. Nevertheless she loved it and has decided to hang it on her hostel wall.

You can store all kinds of things in these - Bills, Slips, Craft Items  & even Bathroom Supplies !!

  Would you like to know how I made this??? Well, I had a old white jeans lying around in one of my closets. It no longer fitted me. So i decided to re-purpose it to a wall organizer. I just used one of the leg piece to create this. So I have remaining leg to create another one of these organizers.

 One can always buy these stuffs at shops or online stores.I have been tempted many a times to buy one of these. But the pleasure & satisfaction of creating one yourself cannot be brought elsewhere. As always, I enjoyed myself while making this. Hope this will encourage you also to create one for yourself.
Happy Sewing !!

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