Thursday, April 5, 2012

Grocery Bag holder in just 10min

Today was a fabulous day... Created an extremely useful stuff in just 10 mins.And guess what... It'll keep my home a more organised place. Presenting to you the very useful - Grocery Bag Holder.

At home after a shopping, I always end up having loads of plastic bags. I stuff them up in bigger plastic covers. Or they end up lying on the floor. It was just a few days back I saw this grocery bag storage bag in the Internet and decided to give it a try. I must tell you it is a super cool thing to have.

Just drop your plastic bags through the opening on the top like this

And when you need plastic bags later. Fetch it from the opening at the bottom like this ...

Cool... isn't it....???

Well Its very simple to make too. 
You;ll need a fabric about 25 inches long and with width 20 inches. I used an old table cloth which I no longer used.
Also you;ll need 2 pieces of elastic - 11inches & 7 inches long.
Sewing Machine & Threads...
You are ready to go

Fold the 20inches edge about 1/4 inches and stitch to make an elastic casing. Make another casing at the bottom too.
Now thread the longer elastic(11 inches) through the top casing . Coz you'll need a bigger opening to stuff your bags.Thread the small casing too.
Now you have both the opening secured. Stitch the length wise opening.
Attach a ribbon on the top. So that you can hang it anywhere you please.... 
With that you are ready to go... :)

My  mom simply loved this. I am sure you'll also love it too !!!

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