Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Wall Hanging using craft paper

Like a year ago I made this wall hanging using craft paper. I didn't have a blog then else you would have had the detailed steps as to how I made this. Well you don't have to be disappointed because I am in the process of making something similar to this. Of course with the steps ! :)

Here's how the older one looks like.... I simply loved them...

The Elephant
The Giraffe

The King of the Jungle

You'll need the following to make these...
Craft paper
Thermocol balls

Draw your jungle animals on the cardboard. Cut them out. paste the craft paper. A Black outline for the animals gives them a certain charm. I used wool to give that outline. Also for the hair of the lion I used wool. Didn't cut out the individual pieces just looped it and stuck it with glue !
Finally make small holes on each of the animals and thread wool thru them . Don't forget to thread your thermocol balls on the way. I basically attached the wool to a needle and threaded through the balls.

To give additional support to the wool, attach cellophane tape behind the knots.

Do let me how you like my cute jungle animals ! :) Also stay tuned for the next project.


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