Sunday, May 20, 2012

A Day in my Life !

It was a beautiful day ! Took some time off. Spend some time wandering in the open...That's when it struck me I should try something different today - Photography.... I keep seeing all these fancy photographs on the net ... so I decided I should try some too... So I shot some self portraits ... used some photo editing software....and here is the result...

A reminder of the longg list of TODO's for the day !

Feeling reallly really happy when I got all the items ticked away !

Cooking something new has become my new best hobby

The Best part !!! playing with my young one.... I just love him sooo much 

Don't u loveee that expression... hahhaaaa.... " Ehhh... u have kissed me a lottt today ...Not again !"
I guess that's what he's trying to say :)

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