Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Pillow Case to Sewing Machine Cover

Today I'll be sharing with you the story of how an old pillowcase cover turned into a sewing machine cover which will protect my sewing machine from all the dust.

Pillowcase sewing machine cover

It's just another example of how a virtually useless item can turn into something beautiful. I found an pillowcase in my stash. It was old and I just couldn't think if anything to make out of it. That's when I thought I could just try out a few things on it that I have never done before.
Like making Fabric flowers.
 I saw these fabric flowers in MakeIt-LoveIt and decided to do that. Ashely has explained it very well. Cut out circular pieces of cloth. For 1 flower you'll need 4 circular pieces of the same size. Fold each of these circles into a cone and squeeze in the centre. Thus U'll have a smaller and bigger circle. Similarly make the rest of the petals. As you do these, pin them on the fabric to make the flower. stitch concentric circles or spiral to secure them in place.

Yet another day I wondered if embroidery could be done with an ordinary machine. I observed a few cloths and saw they were mostly zig zag stiches. So I set my machine to a stitch length of 2 . Wrote the word "Sew" on the fabric and ran a zig zag over it.

Once I finished this I realised it could become a good sewing machine cover. Decided to make use of the decorative stitches on my machine to give it a simple border

Then I placed it over mine machine and marked the places where the thread poles lie. Cut out 2 circles , so that the thread can remain in place when I cover my machine and loo... Machine cover ready !

Isn't it amazing how simple things can virtually change a useless scrap of fabric to something useful !

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  1. Fabulous idea!! You have inspired me!! Need a cover for my sewing machine so bad! And I think I might could use a pillowcase for a cover for my hubby's guitar pedal board! Thanks!
    And thanks for sharing at Show & Share! Featuring this in tomorrow's party!

  2. Amazing together with stimulating area. Fantastic variables you\'ve got generally distributed in order to us. several thanks. simply move forward producing the sort of write-up.


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