Friday, May 11, 2012

Storage Box with a Fabric Makeover

Yesterday I realized how cluttered my dining table was. No matter how much I keep things in place things still end up on the top of the table. Keys, wallet, pens, bills !!! yikes.... So I decided to do something about it.
I searched around the closets and found a call cardboard box, It was of the perfect size... but I couldn't afford to place that on  my dining table like that... So gave it a makeover and I ended up with this...

 All the clutter now stays in one place !

Yes from this to this !

Do you like it ? Well Its quite easy to make too...

I could opt to just the stick the fabric around the faces of the box. But It wouldn't give the neatness or perfection. So first I ripped open the cardboard box
 My assistant at work ! :)

 Ironed it flat...
 Applied glue in parts. Never make the mistake of applying glue all over and then stick. It has two diadvantages . One the glue might get dried up. Second It can lead to small ripples all over the project. Hence applying glue over a small area and spreading it evenly is very essential to give a perfect finish !

So thats the front part. Now the Lining for the inside.

Glued the box back in place !

To give a strong base... I took another piece of cardboard and gave it also a shred of clothing :) and dropped inside !
 Here you go !

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