Monday, April 18, 2016

Ironing Board Cover Tutorial

Excited to share with you guys that we are having our second child !
We are expecting the baby to arrive on April 30th. Thats the EDD.
Richu is very excited about the new kiddo. He's been stocking up thing for his little baby.
We visited a shoe store the other day, rather than looking for a shoes for himself, he came back holding a tiny pair of shoes for the baby. I absolutely adore Richu when he does such little gestures :)

So now that I have loads of time in my hand, I have turned to doing some stuff that have been in my mind for some time now.  The ironing board sitting in our bedroom is not a pretty sight. It desperately needed a new cover. That should be evident from the picture i guess. :)

Yikess ... this is really embarrassing right !!
Now after the brand new cover, its definitely better !

ironing board cover

I scourged around the internet on how to make one, and it turns out that its incredibly simple to create one yourself with some left over fabric.
I absolutely love these simple and easy DIY's that can make so much difference to everyday stuff and cost absolutely nothing !
You could do with some left over fabric, but I got some rally good fabric at a bargain price from the shop the other day and decided to use that.

All you need is some:
 - Fabric
 - Scissors
 - Elastic

You dont have to be precise in your measurements, this is perfect project for beginners.
Ok so now to the steps.

Step 1:  Grab your fabric. place your ironing board on it.
Step 2:  Cut the fabric leaving atleast 4 inches across the perimeter.

Step 3 : Place the elastic at the edge, fold the fabric over and stich stich stich all the way.

Check this video by Niler if you want to see the detailed steps. Here she has used batting, which I skipped.

Your brand new cover should be ready in 15 mins max !

Enjoy !


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