Saturday, November 28, 2015

Sharing A Nook

Its seems to quite a long break from the blogging world. It feel good to come back to writing this tiny piece back in my blog again.

I am planning on starting a series called "Sharing A Nook" so that I can stay connected to the blogging world. I intend on sharing some special corners of my home that I love. Simple DIY's that have transformed an otherwise boring space.

We have a half wall that separates the wash from the dining area. I utilized this space to bring in some greenery into the house.Money Plant has always been something I  associated with as a child. My Mom used to love them. She used to fill up the bottles with water and drop in a money plant.
I used up some of the empty pickle bottles, Brought in a pack of Glass Paint from the nearby store and got to work.

The procedure of glass painting is fairly simple. The instructions are pretty simple, so you shouldn't have any difficulty working with it.It was my first experience with glass paint so its a pretty amateurish work. But still I was pretty happy with the outcome.

The beautiful colorful cylinder that you see was done by my 3 yr old. So that's very special to me.
He taped around different paper tapes around the tissue roll holder to create these lovelies. He's creative guys. He loves to hang around when I craft and loves drawing too.

Hope you loved my little space. Share your experiences on how you transformed your spaces. Drop in a comment , would love to hear from you !

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