Thursday, August 9, 2012

My First Quilted Playmat

All this while I was working on my mothers sewing machine. Finally I brought one for myself 3 days ago. And I started sewing the same day. I spend the morning hunting for some fabrics. Strolled the streets of marthahalli looking for fabrics. Finally after like 2 hrs of search I laid hands on some nice polka dot fabrics. Fell in love with them and brough them. The idea of creating a quilt was now starting to become a reality.

Started cutting the pieces. Initially thought I'll make a simple block quilt. Then finally I made some small changes and ended up making this

Baby play mat

Its not a quilt... instead i made a play mat... primarily because finding batting is kind of very difficult around here. I did go to commercial street .... walked up and down but couldn't find batting. Finally I got some foam ... so well I decided to make a play mat instead. I am pretty happy with the end result.... What do you think ??

how to make a baby playmat


  1. Wow.....The Vava looks so happy!!!!

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  3. Hey nisha.. I just stumbled across your blog. I really loved all your ideas :) will try to implement some in d coming days.. Where do we get these lovely fabrics in marathalli?


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