Thursday, July 19, 2012

A Journey of a Canvas

Yeah I know a weird title.... A journey of a canvas and that's exactly what I am going to share with you today. I had an unfinished painting at home for almost an year now. I started off very excited about painting this new idea I had in mind... But somehow did'nt materialize the way I wanted it to be. It was basically a bunch of flowers in a jug sitting by the window. Everything came up well except for the jug of water. It looked awkward... I kept trying and It didn't come out well... Finally after one year... I decided I had to put this painting to good use... and one frustrated afternoon,I grabbed a swab of black paint and wrote a quote over it in BIG BOLD LETTERS.... I completely ruined the stuff... Although the quote goes as follows "Things are never quite as scary when you have a best friend"...  it was a scary piece of work... ha haa... I know its sounds familiar isn't it - the quote. Yes it from Bill Waterson's Calvin & Hobbes comics... I simply loves those too... My fav... I always end up laughing at the same joke that I have read over a hundred times...
Well My Canvas...yeah.... My hubby came home in the evening and there it was right in front of him in the hall a not so great painting destroyed by quote that was painted over it soo badly.... He was very unhappy.... If this is called ART... he said you shouldn't be drawing.... ehhh .... that was you know made me feel bad....
Well so my next thought was what to do next.... One fine evening we dropped by a art shop and picked up a cobalt blue paint and metallic blue spray paint. I have never worked with spray paint before. I had already experimented so much on this particular canvas that I didn't bother to ruin it once again. So i got down to work next day in search of a perfect set of leaves which would be my inspiration to the next new painting.....
I found them right around my house. and this is what i ended up with .... follow along and let me how you like it... do you think the first painting was a better one??? let me know...
when the quote goes behind a layer of paint 

When my baby's stroller becomes my leaf carrier
The final product !
a closer look

On the request of friend Just added how to get this done on your own. Its a simple 3 step process and you are done !

Done !!!


  1. Nisha... i didn't know you liked C&H! Oh I love those strips! How come we never mentioned this before... Btw.. your work is very nice.. the leaf pattern is so beautiful. though i didn't quite follow how you came to change the old one to the new.. Maybe coz i don't know what is spray painting...

  2. Thankyou sooo much anju....yeah i lov c&h .... yeah u r rit i shud be more specific abt hw i made d painting .... will include d steps

  3. oh wow! thats nice and easy.. :) guess i could try that as well.. thanks for the description..
    we should get together again sometime da.. Nisha R.. Tushu.. you and me.. remember our harry potter movie meets?... :)


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