Wednesday, May 9, 2012

DIY Mobile Holder

Hi Guys...   I know it has been a while since I have posted something. It because I have been very very busy lately. I moved to my home. Earlier I was mostly at my mom's place. I don't know if this custom exists else where in the world. But In India we have a very unique custom where the new mom is treated like a princess until 3 months. She's not made to do any work. You just need to take rest. You get to eat the best nutritious foods and yeah lot of sweets too. My mom used to say that this period of rest is like once in a lifetime thing. Now that I have moved to my home... I completely believe that. Taking care of my baby is a full time job along with managing the rest of the household. I know most of you who might be reading this will already be veterans ... yeah but this is new for me... and I am trying my best ! :)

Well so In between all the new responsibilities I found like a little time to do a small project. A very useful one - Mobile & Charger Holder.

It's a super useful thing. I'll explain why. Generally at home you'll have a place you always charge your mobile. But the wire will be kind of hanging loosely. Its not long enough to lie on the floor though . So we  either have to pull up a chair of a table to support your mobile during charging. The other day I pulled up my baby's stroller so that I could support the mobile while it was getting charged. That's when I remembered a project I saw on the internet a while ago. I didn't bother to go back and look . I just made one !
No more hanging wires. No more dragging chairs and tables around. A simple solution - The Mobile Holder !
Now lets see how to make one. I have provided a lot of pics to guide you through the tut.
Supplied you need -
1) A plastic bottle at least on flat face. I had a used up Vaseline lotion bottle.
2)  Fabric
3) Glue & scissors.

So first bring out your plastic bottle and cut the top edge off !

Make an incision in the middle. This will help you chop off the rest !

 Next make a u shaped cut on one of the sides like this. Don't make the u shaped too deep. It would be ideal to measure your mobile length. and make a u shape so that the mobile is visible.
 Next on the other side, make a rectangular shape cut. This should be large enough for your charger to fit !

 Now you are ready with the basic shape. Now lets decorate it with some piece of fabric. Place your bottle on the fabric and approximate the amount of fabric needed taking into account that you'll be folding the fabric into the inside.
 Cut ! Apply Glue !
 Paste Slowly ! Smoothen out any folds. I used Fevicol for better grip.
 Make small cuts along the edges and center so that u can fold the fabric inside !

Front area Done ! Now for the back piece. After sticking the fabric, you can make small incisons inside the square area and fold the fabric in...
Perfect ! You are done !
Let me know how you like this :) I love your comments...

Another of my No sew project can be found here !


  1. kidu..etha.....loved ur mobile charger......

  2. Simple,creative and very useful. Wonderful effort. Nicely explained.

    Keep it up. I liked it very much,

  3. I'll definitly be giving this a try, thanks for the clear and well illustrated instructions

    1. Thankyou :) Do let me know how the end product looks like :)

  4. I've been loving these on Pinterest! Perfect! Featuring you tomorrow!

    XO, Aimee

    1. Thankkss a lot Aimee... This is the first time I am getting featured... Its really a great appreciation for a newbie blogger like me ! Thanks once again. :)

  5. Great idea! Thank you for the tutorial

  6. This is a great idea! I love that you used something you already had and upcycled!

  7. I love it! What a cute idea :)



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