Sunday, April 14, 2013

A Painting Day

Yes... I had a painting day after a longg longg time... It seems like ages before that I have drawn something. 
All credit to my husband... He brought me a canvas book. I actually never knew such a thing exists until I came across one in Staples. Its is a book  with canvas sheets. It has about 10 canvas sheets and is much cheaper compared to the framed canvases that you get.
The amazing part is that now I can draw as my heart desires. Generally whenever I buy a new canvas...I'll always be in a dilemma  What to draw? How to draw - All back, color, knife painting ?... Will it turn out good???.... Good lord  !!!... I just spilled black paint on the  drawing...Its ruined !!
So most of the times by the time I am done with the painting..I'll be exhausted...
But not this time... I whipped up the drawing in like less than 45 min.. I was just standing there splashing colors here and there....:) It felt good. 
Have you seen my other paintings???
Not yet... ???
Do check out my painting section ...and drop in your suggestions and comments...
Here's the link :
That's the very serious me...
easy painting

Richu  is pointing some flaws I guess... ha haa...there were many !!
Yeah... its not very nice... But yet I enjoyed...thats important rit :)
Its resting place for the net few days... then it goes into some drawer again :)
I have a small art gallery space in my dining room... collection of some random drawings
With a Richu in it :)

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  1. Oh my goodness, you are SUPER talented!

    Thanks for joining the Blog Hop this week! :)

    1. Ohh Thankyou so much Jess... Comments like this are sooo motivating :)

    2. You are simply gr8 Nisha....keep up the spirit....
      Would love to see more painting from you....
      Why dont you paint something on your tea stall :)

    3. hehe... thankyou so much Darshan... yeah the tea stall is on my mind

  2. I love your painting! I think it turned out great! I'm pretty sure I couldn't paint like that. :-)


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