Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Gym Bag from Tshirt

My Husband has again decided to go to the Gym. I am keeping my finger crossed that he sticks to his plan this time around. All the other times he enthusiastically goes to the gym, pays loads to money (generally he opts only for 1 year memberships :( )....  and then NEVER GOES !!! I am sure the gym people adore him for that. Every year a mystery guys drops by their gym, pays for a year's membership and never comes back! Have you seen that cool guy ...hahhaaa....

Well so the other day we visited some gyms around our area. He particularly liked a gym very much. I haven't seen him so excited before. He packed his stuff into a plastic cover the day before itself. But then I noticed he was putting his stuff into a Plastic Cover. That's uncool isn't it !
So I decide to make a bag for him. I have never made anything for him before. So this was the perfect time to show some husband love.
I first asked for his opinion about the kind of bag he needs. Ran some searches in the internet. Surfed through pinterest. Finally stumbled upon something pretty.
It was a simple drawstring bag made by Amanda. Check out the tutorial here . It was a smaller version. I made a bigger version and again I decided to cut open one of his T-shirts to get the job done ! :)

I loved one particular TShirt. It had a nice color. So decided to go ahead with it and here is the final product.

Tshirt Gym Bag

Isnt it nice. And the best part is it was sooo easy to make. It took less than half an hour to get the job done.
And when you are using a Tshirt you can do away with measuring and cutting fabric.

Gym bag DIY

I took these pics just before he was hopping off to office.... And the funny part is he didn't go to the gym that day too !! I hope my effort doesn't go wasted... :(

Gym bag from Tshirt

That small label u see in the middle is something i nicked from another Tshirt :)

DIY Gym bag

I love the simplicity of the whole project. Small ties at the bottom to hold the cords together.

Drop a comment as to what you think.
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  1. Cool bag! My husband has a couple Ecko brand t-shirts, too. :-)

    Navy Wifey Peters @ Submarine Sunday Link Party

    1. Thankyou so much... Huy wudnt come around wearing this... I had make use out of it..hence the bag :)

  2. Making the decision to get fit is the hardest part, fingers crossed for you that you both stick it out!

    1. Thankyou so much Michelle... Yes its right ...staying fit in itself needs willpower

  3. it's brilliant! looks very smart!

  4. The bag looks really great! I want to try this :) Thanks for sharing it at the Less Laundry, More Linking party. Hope to see you linking up again this week :)

  5. What a beautiful t-shirt. No wonder you used it again. Thank you for such a great idea and your talent. Trish Butler

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