Sunday, June 9, 2013

Fabric Covered Storage Boxes

I have a great affliction to cardboard boxes. I just cant throw them out. Whenever I buy something that comes with a box, or someone gifts me something in a box... It somehow the most difficult thing for me to thrash them. You know why??
It coz I imagine those not so pretty boxes getting covered with some lovely fabric and transforming itself into a beaaauuutiful box.
For instance I just covered up the box that came with my iron and look at the result.
DIY Fabric covered boxes
Closer Look...


Holds all the junk that accumulates on the table...


 Isn't it so much more nice...


Sits nicely in a corner of my table.
I made a bigger one too to hold all my electronic stuffs...from webcams, PlayStation accessories, cds and a million other things ... :) Its nicely tucked away under one of my side tables.


Remember the box behind the pink one... Yes I had a tutorial for that here.
But I did these in a much simpler way.
Didn't bother to pull apart the box... just applied glue on the box and stuck the fabric...

Ok now for the detailed steps.
1) Iron the Fabric
2) Remove the side flaps of the box or all the flaps
3) Mix Equal portions of glue and water
4) Apply the glue using a brush on the box.
5) Place the fabric on the box and smooth-en out with your hands as u go..
Don't bother to hurry thinking the glue might dry... since the glue is watered down it wont be as sticky as it normally would.
Ok now u can ask why did u add glue with water???
If you are using ModPodge or Fevicol, then you need to add water because these are kind of the denser kind of glue. Since we are just sticking fabric which is not so thick we'll not need such strong and dense glue
After an hour or two, the glue will be dry. Now apply a finishing coat of glue over the box. It gives a glossy finish to the box.
6) Finally make a hand written label (Like I did) or just print out the label if you need a more professional finish :)
You are done !


  1. What a neat idea. I have been wanting to do some fabric boxes to store some craft supplies. I was afraid it would be really difficult, but this looks doable. Can't wait to try it out. Thanks for sharing at the Less Laundry, More Linking party.

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